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Marketing Virtual Events

The landscape for large-scale events is rapidly changing in the wake of COVID-19. We are continuously helping our clients adapt to this fundamental shift within the industry. This involves everything from rebranding the event to creating an impactful and interactive virtual experience.


  • Rebranding for Virtual

    Virtual events have unique design requirements. Steps range from accommodating formats and devices, to tweaking your existing brand, to building new designs.

  • Accessible Content

    A website with the power to deliver new content to your attendees will give them valuable information they can view at their own pace and provide value all year long.

  • Integrating Video

    Live webinars or pre-recorded videos are great ways to enhance member engagement and provide more educational opportunities to your audience in a bite-sized format.

  • Attendee Engagement

    Connecting with your audience consistently and effectively is more critical now more than ever. You must consider engaging with attendees through every channel possible.

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Marketing In-person Events

Whether your event is a tradeshow, convention, annual meeting or a gala, it involves countless moving pieces that must deliver on time. Your branding and marketing must ensure people learn about your event, they are excited to attend, and they enjoy the experience.

Each year, they have taken our creative campaigns in exciting directions. Lindsey Martin
Director of Marketing for NeoCon Shows
Merchandise Mart Properties

What We Do

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Positioning

    The analysis of our brand research leads to the creation of unifying positioning statement staking a claim in the mindshare of your event’s target audience.

  • Marketing Plan

    High-level, marketing objectives are outlined with specific goals in an actionable document that sets the course for the event ahead.

  • Touchpoints

    Infusing touchpoints (direct mail, e-blast, website, on-site signage, etc.) with a distillation of your unique positioning will engage with your audience and drive attendance.

  • 73%

    of attendees rate events as an excellent value - how do you plan to provide value for your own attendees?1

Theme Development

  • Theme Integration

    Developing a distinct thematic event concept encourages attendance and drives awareness. Integrating this theme with your master brand can be tricky, but we will help you with that.

  • Logo and Lockup

    There are times where an event should stand alone and require it’s own distinct logo. In other instances, the event mark can work in combination with your company’s core logo to create a co-branded lock up.

  • Look and Feel

    The look and feel of the event theme is developed to work seamlessly with the core brand including usage of the logo, typography, color, and imagery.

  • Messaging

    We can help develop thematic messaging that is relevant and engaging with the audience and then step it out to everything from headlines to supporting content.

Marketing Materials

  • Website

    Our fully integrated online approach melds design thinking with rock-solid programming that adapts seamlessly to varying devices and provides you the the forward-thinking underpinnings of a content management system to allow easy updates in the lead up to the event.

  • Direct Mail

    How often does your target audience place direct mail directly into the circular file - through a fusion of thoughtful content and eye-catching design, we create a connection and boost your attendance rates.

  • Print Ads

    Creating an impactful, coordinated ad campaign separates you out from the pack and grabs the attention of your audience.

  • E-Blasts

    From the subject line to responsive design, your e-blasts should be developed to tailor specific content and call to actions to the appropriate target audiences.

On-site Materials

  • Programs and Directories

    Naturally, your on-site print collateral will leverage the look and feel of the event. In addition, they will be clear, concise, and readable to ensure that attendees find exactly what they are looking for.

  • Signage

    Wayfinding signage is often overlooked in the lead up to the event. We can help you plan ahead and develop the most effective system whether it’s traditional, interactive, or both.

  • Booths

    On-site booths should be easily identifiable and designed with the thematic brand in mind. This will catch attention and serve as key reference points while the attendees are at the show.

  • Promotions

    While it’s true that many event promotions are quickly discarded, it underscores the importance of doing something clever, useful, and memorable. If you do, your attendees will thank you for it.

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