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Northfield Township

Branding and Campaign

We collaborated closely with Northfield Township to craft a compelling brand identity that resonates with their mission. Our partnership involved creating a memorable logo, comprehensive branding guidelines, a user-friendly website, and supporting materials. By emphasizing equality and community support, our designs reflect Northfield Township's commitment to providing assistance to all individuals regardless of background or identity.

Our work included:


Brand Guidelines


Food Pantry Logo


We crafted a seal-shaped logo for Northfield Township, featuring a home illustration and a hidden letter "N." This design embodies their dedication to creating a welcoming community for all.

Branding Guidelines

We created comprehensive branding guidelines for Northfield Township, covering logo usage, color schemes, fonts, and more. These guidelines ensure consistent and cohesive brand representation across all communications.


The website features an intuitive backend system for easy management.


We developed a logo for Northfield Township's Food Pantry, showcasing a brown grocery bag shape with a heart symbol. This design symbolizes their mission to provide essential support and nourishment to the community, reflecting care and compassion.

GD Squared delivered exceptional results for Northfield Township & the Northfield Township Food Pantry when they completely overhauled our online presence. Their flexibility in accommodating our evolving scope of work made the entire process seamless and stress-free. Their expertise in website redesign, logo creation for the Township and Food Pantry, along with the development of captivating taglines, has brought a fresh and clean aesthetic to our digital identity. I highly recommend GD Squared for their innovative and affordable design solutions.

Shiva Mohsenzadeh


Northfield Township & Food Pantry


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