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The Lineage Group


A financial services firm in the Chicago suburbs approached us to help them strategize a new name and brand for their company. After over thirty years of working with businesses and families in a variety of financial planning situations the company grew to a point where they needed a new outlook on their own future. Taking them through the branding process uncovered a few organizational questions that were given a clear answer to go along with their new logo.


The layered symbolism of the logo allows the financial advisors to use it as a talking point when they sit down to tell their company’s story. The shield conveys security and trust, while the rotating leaves represent the four partners passionately working for their client's financial growth.

Identity System

The letterhead and envelopes were printed on a tactile uncoated paper, and the business card takes it a step farther by using letterpress to make a memorable first impression.


The logo was embroidered on polo shirts, sweaters, and pullovers to give out to clients as a promotion.


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