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Dart Casting


This aluminum die casting company was founded in 1993 and occupied a space no larger than a garage. Since then, Dart Casting has grown to become a multi-million dollar business that now occupies a 30,000 square-foot facility in Alsip, Illinois. The growth of this family business can be attributed to their steadfast philosophy which pairs creating great products with amazing customer service. Their new website needed to become a resource that accurately communicated their new brand.

Our process began by working with Dart Casting to define a strategy that best highlighted how they have re-shaped their business over the years into what it is today. By developing a sitemap and wireframe before starting the design, we were able to help Dart Casting focus on the content of their website without being distracted by the details of the design. Once we agreed upon a navigation and content outline, we were able to design options that were specifically tailored to the information they needed to communicate.


After exploring a number of different website layouts, the decision was for the website to utilize a design that had an industrial and no-nonsense look. The straightforward look of the design and content worked to cut through the layers of technical jargon that fills the pages of their competitors websites. The simple, yet bold, appearance fits with the rest of the brand and makes the content easy to read and digest.

To give the website a level of sophistication and polish, we used some of the slow motion video clips from the overview video we helped to produce and placed it into the background of each page. This small detail makes the website stand out from the competition while highlighting some of the individual services the company provides. Built in CraftCMS, we designed the website to be updated and maintained by the client in an easy-to-use and elegant back-end environment. The finished site has become a marketing asset for Dart Casting and a perfect introduction to the company for prospective clients.


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