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Aura Healthcare


Aura Healthcare is a direct supplier of durable medical equipment to patients nationwide. An in-house staff of licensed healthcare professionals oversees each patient's care and recommends the best equipment for their personal needs. The company offers an extensive collection of products, and they needed a website that displayed the breadth of their inventory and matched the quality of the equipment. GD Squared worked closely with the sales team to develop a digital catalog of their products so their customers could browse and learn about which one best worked for them.

From the start, we focused on developing a framework and structure for the website that highlighted Aura's product categories in the main navigation. The purpose was not only to call immediate attention to the company's core business, but help with search engine optimization. The site map and wireframe helped the client visualize the benefit of restructuring the navigation instead of hiding the product categories under a generic label.


At launch, the site contained over 100 different products. To get users to the products they wanted to browse without hesitation, we were focused on designing a user experience that was simple and intuitive. The design of the site is clean and simple in order to really elevate the products, and the responsive grid make the site easy to use on a mobile device. Once the structure and design were established, we cataloged, organized and then uploaded all of the products and resources from the different manufacturer's reference websites.

Built in CraftCMS, the website was designed to grow and expand over time. Products, manufacturers and sub-categories can be easily added to the company's service offerings as they continue to thrive as a go-to resource for sleep apnea and other related medical equipment.


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