The Lineage Group

A financial services firm in the Chicago suburbs approached us to help them strategize a new name and brand for their company. With thirty years of experience working with businesses and families in a variety of financial planning situations, the company grew to have four partners and a new outlook on their own future. The branding process revealed a few lingering organizational questions, and we helped everyone get on the same page in defining a clear direction for the business team.

Identity System

Identity System The materials were printed on a tactile cream paper, and the business card uses letterpress printing to make a great first impression.

They made it clear that their success was directly tied to the success of our brand redesign. Through a very focused process they help you carve out your company’s message. That had never been easy for me to do even after 16 years in my profession. The end product felt right because it is authentic. The resulting brand suits us perfectly and it is unlike any other in our industry. Joe Donnellon | Partner and Financial Advisor | The Lineage Group


Website Beautiful custom photographs, a refined color palette, and elegant typography differentiated their firm from the competition and illustrated the personality of each advisor.

Direct Mail Postcard

Direct Mail Postcard The partners wanted to assure their clients that a new name and outlook would only be to their benefit going forward.

HTML Emails

HTML Emails

From announcing the new brand to inviting clients to special events, custom HTML emails offer an inexpensive way to connect with a lot of people. The design of the emails were tailored to the content but stayed true to the appearance of the new brand.