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Yorke Printe
2016 Holiday Card

Yorke Printe Shoppe has digital and offset printing capabilities as well as the best service in the industry. They have repeatedly asked us to design their holiday card over the past few years, and they always give us free reign to come up with some off-the-wall ideas.

While usually we are confined to a specific creative brief, this project provided us the freedom to do something out of the box. Our challenge was to make a clever connection between the world of print and the holiday season. We designed a custom snowflake mandala that included their logo and invited recipients to “Add Some Color to the Holidays” by coloring it in themselves. By providing them with cyan, yellow, magenta and black crayons — the main four colors that printers use in their presses — the card was totally unique and industry specific.

Yorke’s clients really loved this card and it was a huge success. A few weeks after they sent out the promotion, they started receiving surprises in the mail – their customers had colored in the mandala and sent it back as a ‘thank you’ for always thinking of them. Yorke proudly displayed each of these in their entrance way so visitors could see the color their clients added to the holiday season.