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The Miller Family
History Book

In 1902, Abe Miller left Ostrow, Poland, for America and thus began the story of the Miller family. This wonderful book, written by The Private Historian's Matthew Nickerson, captures the inspiring story of an immigrant tailor and his family through four generations. Commissioned by Abe's grandson, this hard-bound book was a gift to all family members so they can pass their history on to future generations.

Made to Last

Made to Last

The hard-bound cover is designed to utilize traditional binding materials and combine them with bold and modern typography. The result is a cover that is made to last, encapsulates the Miller's story, and looks great on a coffee table.

The elaborate Miller family tree begins with Abraham and Rose's seven children. The detailed branch for each child was given its own subsequent spread, and the opening page then acts as a table of contents.

The inspiration for capturing their family history in a book came from recently discovered letters that were written between the family members and Dave Miller (Abe's son) during World War II. This map detailed Dave's time during the war from May 11, 1943, until his unfortunate death on December 6.

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