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The Lineage Group

A financial services firm in the Chicago suburbs approached us to help them strategize a new name and brand for their company. With thirty years of experience working with businesses and families in a variety of financial planning situations, the company grew to have four partners and a new outlook on their own future. A new website was a great opportunity to stand out from the pack and provide a window into what it is like to work with the firm.

Financial advisors have a lot of restrictions about how they market themselves. Our challenge was to communicate The Lineage Group's services and express their personality while fitting within the confines established by the compliance department. Most financial advisors don't want to deal with the hassle and are resigned to using a pre-defined template, stock photography, and sterile writing. This was a huge opportunity to set The Lineage Group apart from the competition.

Our first suggestion was for the firm to invest in hiring a great professional photographer to capture the personality of the individual advisors as well as their relationship as a team. We then highlighted these candid images as the focus of the site to give a potential customer an introduction to the advisors without even meeting them face-to-face yet.

The end product felt right. It felt authentic to who we are and unlike any other in our industry. The process was defined, focused and results oriented. GD made us work and put in effort right along with them which insured that the final product had “us” in it.
Joe Donnellon, Partner and Financial Advisor

We interviewed each partner to uncover their individual story and we wrote the content of the website to exude their group culture. Client testimonials are against regulations, but hypothetical case studies are not. We wrote a variety of client profiles that would give visitors of the site a chance to read about a financial situation that might be close to their own and spark them to call to meet with an advisor.