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MDRT Foundation
Clean the World Foundation Meeting Campaign

Clean the World provides soap for those affected by homelessness, poverty, and humanitarian or natural crises. The MDRT Foundation was prescient when they selected Clean the World Foundation as its charity partner for the MDRT Annual Meeting early in 2020. The global pandemic shined a spotlight on the importance of good hygiene and the fact that soap saves lives by mitigating disease spread.


Postcard A postcard delivered to members a few months before the meeting was the second touchpoint of the campaign.

The final piece was a direct mail card delivered to each member’s door days before the virtual meeting to invite them to contribute to the campaign.

We took the primary image of the dirty hands holding a bar of soap and brainstormed ways we could take it to the next level. By separating the two elements into their own individually printed pieces, we simulated the hands holding an actual bar of soap and delivered a simple card with a special touch to amplify the Foundation’s message.

This interactive and tactile piece was delivered to members in a custom-printed, kraft envelope to stand out in their pile of mail, making it feel unique and meaningful from the second they picked it up.

The complete campaign only included three simple components, yet resonated well with donors and left a lasting impact while achieving their financial goal.