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MDRT Foundation
2016 Annual Report

The MDRT Foundation is the charitable arm of MDRT — a global membership organization for financial professionals. Members donate their time and money to benefit charities around the world, and at the end of every year, the foundation sends an annual report to all of its members telling the story of the projects that they helped fund.

Two books for two purposes

Two books for two purposes The covers for the primary report and supplement were similar, yet distinctive.

Change is hard. That was the case with this project which had used a traditional booklet format for years. We started working with the MDRT Foundation on this project back in 2010 and made incremental changes each year to further advance the way their story was told. This year, we helped them take their biggest leap forward yet.

The annual report needed to highlight key donors and sponsors throughout the year. There are a lot of headshots and lists that are required to give credit to all of the amazing people that contributed their time and money to the Foundation. However, it is the stories of the specific grants they sponsor that makes this piece exciting and enjoyable to read.

To address some budget concerns, we suggested printing two pieces: a foldout annual report that highlighted the key grants and financial figures from the past year, and a supplemental book that included all of the headshot and lists. The books were related in theme and design, but the supplement was only sent to donors while the foldout was mailed to all MDRT members. Dividing the content up and reducing the quantity of the donor-related book reduced their budget while still creating an engaging annual report.

Foldout Brochure