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2018 US Reception Invitation

At the 2018 annual meeting in Los Angeles, MDRT created a special event that was exclusively for members from the United States. The organization wanted to entice their members with a memorable invitation that piqued their interest and inspired them to attend. We designed an invitation for the beach-themed extravaganza with a custom pop-up card that amplified the surfing culture of the city.


The card included a paper surfboard on the front which could be removed and kept separately as a small keepsake and a reminder about the upcoming event. Once the card is opened, the recipient is treated to the image of a surfer riding a barrel wave through dimensional letters that spell out MDRT. The mailing was completed with the design of a custom envelope that mimicked a surfboard pattern and was sure to stand out in each member's mailbox. The cards were a resounding success. The organization received exceptional feedback from members and great attendance at the event.MDR-AM-US-Reception-5.jpg#asset:1889MDR-AM-US-Reception-4.jpg#asset:1888MDR-AM-US-Reception-3.jpg#asset:1887MDR-AM-US-Reception-6.jpg#asset:1890MDR-AM-US-Reception-2.jpg#asset:1886

The features of this invitation and the intricate design were far more creative than we could have imagined. Every detail, from the detachable surfboard to the surfer that peeked through the 3D waves, all while incorporating our brand, was crafted incredibly well. We even added some of the details from the invitation to the event itself because members and staff were so impressed with the design. The talent GD Squared has to create such unique and creative promotions has raised the bar on the marketing of our meetings and events.
Emily Sjostrom Diana, MDRT Marketing Coordinator

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