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Dart Casting

Since starting an aluminum die casting company in 1993 out of a space no larger than a typical garage, Dart Casting has grown into a multi-million dollar business that now occupies a 30,000 square-foot facility in Alsip, Illinois. The growth of this family business can be attributed to their steadfast philosophy which pairs creating great products with amazing customer service. The company turned to GD Squared to help them take the next step by building a brand that could compete with the larger players in the industry.


The team at Dart Casting expressed that they didn’t want an entirely new logo. They felt a nostalgic connection to the old mark as it had served them well for over 25 years. They did, however, want to clean it up and explore what was possible without losing their brand equity. We proposed doing a “logo haircut” which is a process that involves presenting a range of ideas that starts by cleaning up the existing logo and then taking small methodical steps away to see how far the client is willing to depart from the original.