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CVPartners, Inc. is an executive recruiting firm focused on connecting extraordinary people with extraordinary companies. During a phase of rapid growth, they approached us to help align their website with the candidates they were recruiting. After working closely with their marketing team, the website clearly communicated the benefits for both companies and candidates to work with them.

Built using the content management system ExpressionEngine, the website serves as a hub for many different types of users. Candidates may come to the site to search for job opportunities, while hiring companies visit to familiarize themselves with CVPartners’ services and background in the industry. In addition to their main service line, the website hosts a few related off-shoots targeting specific verticals – our challenge was to bring those separate verticals together under one branded umbrella.

Companies grow and so do their websites. Since the initial launch, we have seamlessly integrated more services and divisions into the site, as well as a section that highlights their expanding team and each of their respective profiles.