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Beechworth Windows

Several stalwart brands have long held a tight grip on the replacement window industry. Beechworth Windows, the relative upstart, featured several technological innovations at a price point that positioned it well, but in this industry, reputation is everything.

The challenge was to tell the story of why a consumer should install Beechworth Windows over many other popular name brands that dominate the market. While Beechworth could not compete with the marketing dollars spent by the competition, the solution was to maximize the budget and create a website that truly highlighted the experience and benefits in a unique way.

A wide range of interactive areas help illuminate the Beechworth difference - primary around the benefits of fiberglass which is exceptionally energy-efficient and durable. The site was designed with a considerable amount of future-proofing in mind. The content management system has allowed the company to quickly roll out seasonal promotions and a robust contractor section after the initial website launch.