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Bar Crawl Nation
Logo and Branding

Bar Crawl Nation is an event management company that specializes in throwing epic parties in cities across the country. From New York to Austin to Chicago to Fort Lauderdale and almost everywhere in between, Bar Crawl Nation challenges the young nightlife superstars to make it to every bar to win a free t-shirt. Bar Crawl Nation approached us to develop their logo as well as their fun marketing materials.

Event Specific Logos

Some Bar Crawl Nation events have a very specific theme, so we developed color palettes that were unique to each one and re-colored the logo accordingly. Event themes have ranged from the 90s, Mardi Gras, Halloween, Christmas (aptly named, Santapalooza), and the logo can continue to adapt to new events in the future.



In the weeks leading up the the events, posters would hang in the participating bars to advertise for the upcoming mayhem.



The goal of these events is to make it to every participating bar before a certain time. We designed score cards that the bouncers marked with a hole-puncher to keep track of each participant's progress.