Parkinson’s Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving care and advancing research for people with Parkinson’s disease. As they embarked on an expansive multi-year fundraising campaign to raise $30 million, we helped to name that campaign, develop distinctive branding, create a chapter-driven microsite, and step out a whole range of other marketing materials to engage and inspire donors.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines Guidelines for the campaign were established to ensure that the marketing team would consistently execute the multi-year effort across all future materials.

GD Squared has been an incredible partner of the Parkinson's Foundation through multiple website and design projects. We always know we're in great hands with their team and hope to work together for years to come. Kelly Austin | Associate Vice President, Development | Parkinson’s Foundation



The Reach Further campaign required a quick and effective way of conveying the problem and its solution to potential donors. In partnership with the production company Heave Ho, we designed and directed an animated video to tell their story and captivate their target audience.

Case for Support

Case for Support

The brochure messaging stresses the importance and urgency of making donations toward research, clinical care networks, and community programs. Complex supporting information is designed in a simplified and accessible manner to engage donors and motivate them to take action.


Website The campaign microsite layers a tightly-integrated brand design with a comprehensive framework showing their fundraising progress.

Social Media Graphics

Social Media Graphics A variety of social media graphics were used during the campaign along with achievement badges to recognize specific milestones and inspire volunteers.