Nonprofit Campaigns

You are working to make the world a better place, and we can help you do that. We start by helping you craft your message - you know the one that you have trouble putting into words but permeates everything that you do. And when we’re done, we will communicate it the people you are trying to reach. Whether it’s to donate, volunteer, or start a fundraiser, we inspire them to take action. When we’re all said and done, you will have a more evolved brand, a defined marketing strategy, and the actual materials that get results from your printed pieces to your website.







What We Do

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Positioning

    The analysis of our brand research leads to the creation of unifying postiioning statement staking a claim in the mindshare of your target audience.

  • Marketing Plan

    High-level, marketing objectives are outlined with specific goals in an actionable document that sets the course for the path ahead.

  • Touchpoints

    Infusing touchpoints (business card, website, etc.) with a distillation of your unique positioning will influence the perception of your brand.

  • 1.5M+

    nonprofit organizations in the US1 - how do you separate yourself out from the crowd?

Corporate Identity

  • Logo

    Today, the role of the logo has grown to become an adaptable, breathable representation of your organizaiton – which may force yours to need an overhaul, or least a haircut.

  • Tagline

    Creating a succinctly-written, market-driving, customer-facing description for your organization sounds easy, right? Don’t worry, we can help you with that.

  • Usage

    Once the foundation of your identity has been finalized, the next crucial step is to formalize usage guidelines for your own staff and outside partners alike.

  • Brand Guidelines

    • Logo & Tagline Usage
    • Color Palette
    • Typography
    • Photography Usage
    • Examples

Fundraising Campaigns

  • Events

    Active donor engagement through galas, walkathons, charity auctions, and other events require branded themes and a carefully timed marketing rollout.

  • Online

    A combination of e-blasts, landing pages, and campaign microsites can substantially boost your donations and provide an incredible amount fo anaylytical data along the way.

  • Annual Appeals

    Creating an effective annual, year-end appeal is easier said than done. It begins with a compelling story and ends up in the hands of your organization’s most important donors.

  • 45%

    of donors in 2015 made repeat gifts in 20162 - how does your donor retention rate compare?

Campaign Materials

  • Websites

    Our fully integrated online approach melds design thinking with rock-solid programming that adapts seemlessly to varying devices and provides you the the forward-thinking underpinnings of a content management system.

  • E-Blasts

    From the subject line to responsive design, your eblasts should be developed to tailor specifc content and call to actions to the appropriate target audiences.

  • Direct Mail

    How often do you place direct mail directly into the circular file - through a fusion of thoughtful content and eye-catching design, we create a connection with your audience and boost your engagement rates

  • And More

    • Campaign Microsites
    • Overview Brochures
    • Folders
    • Presentation Materials
    • Fundraising Packets

1 Steve MacLaughlin, 50 Fascinating Nonprofit Statistics (Blackbaud: 2015)

2 Fundraising Effectiveness Project, 2017 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey (Bloomerang 2017)

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