METAvivor is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and support for those suffering from metastatic (Stage IV) breast cancer. A modern redesign of the brand featured thought-provoking statistics driven home through emotionally-compelling photography of people with the disease. The brand extended across the full suite of marketing materials; including everything from the website and its microsite to printed donor materials to an awareness van that travels the country.

Business Cards

Business Cards Networking is all about putting a face with a name. We made their brand personal by including photos of each person on the back of their business card.


Website The responsive website highlighted the reasons for support and how they differ from other breast cancer organizations.

The designs are stunning – whether just a business card or an entire website – we have always been thrilled with the work they do. They created the perfect branding for our nonprofit, and it is unlike anyone else’s. They made it easy for me to make routine updates to the website, and they have kept the website and underlying donation processing database humming since we launched.Kelly Lange | Director | METAvivor

Overview Brochure

Overview Brochure This brochure communicated their mission and included personal anecdotes from individuals affected by the terminal disease.

Trade Show Booth

Trade Show Booth

When traveling to trade shows and events, the team needed something that could brand the space and tell their story.


Postcard To get more people involved with the charity, a call for donations and volunteers was sent via a direct mail postcard.


Microsite Sharp copywriting and eye-opening statistics educated the public about the challenges facing stage IV breast cancer patients.

Online Ads

Online Ads

Two online ads were created to match the brand and drive people to the website to learn more about metastatic breast cancer.

HTML Emails

HTML Emails

As a nonprofit, it was imperative to be able to connect with a large number of people in the most cost effective way possible. We developed a few different templates that were imported into an email platform, BSD Tools, so they could send out a variety of different emails.

Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials All touchpoints, no matter how small, needed to be thoughtfully designed to effectively broadcast their mission.