MDRT Foundation

Since the MDRT Foundation’s creation, its worldwide membership has participated in countless efforts addressing humanitarian challenges and empowering people around the globe. The increasingly competitive fundraising landscape lead to both the redesign of their logo and their overall brand. Engaging marketing materials were designed to promote their mission and encourage members to take action through year-end campaigns, phonathons, and annual meeting events.

Brand Book

Brand Book This book established marketing and communication ground rules to ensure that the brand was displayed accurately and consistently across all materials.

They bring a design and marketing voice that blends both outside-the-box creativity and branding best practices together. It is not often these two qualities are found as equal strengths in an agency partner. They became an important extension of our marketing team making the entire process fun and rewarding, as well as increasing global brand awareness as a result. Fiona Odumosu | Former Marketing Director | MDRT Foundation

Corporate Sponsorship Brochure

Corporate Sponsorship Brochure The leave-behind piece for potential sponsors displayed how forming a relationship with the MDRT Foundation is a win/win.

Inner Circle Brochure

Inner Circle Brochure Members that reach a certain donation level over their lifetime were invited to join the Inner Circle Society.

Identity System

Identity System A custom pocket folder and flexible system of materials were the foundation of their corporate communication.



Pop-up banners were taken to different locations to quickly brand a new space.

Membership Brochure

Membership Brochure This general brochure gave potential members and donors an overview of what the Foundation is all about.


Certificate Members received personalized certificates for their accomplishments to proudly display in their office.

Sponsorship Brochure

Sponsorship Brochure

The brochure offered an overview of opportunities for companies that wanted to partner with the MDRT Foundation.