MDRT Annual Meeting

When the global pandemic struck, The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) had to make a decision quickly. Do they outright cancel their upcoming 2020 Annual Meeting scheduled for Anaheim, California, or frantically adapt their content to a virtual meeting? How would they be able to translate the same value from an in-person meeting to a virtual one? So many membership organizations, trade shows, or conferences have been forced to answer these same questions. Through the course of their internal discussions, MDRT decided to combine two of their conferences into one. The 2020 MDRT Annual Meeting in Anaheim and the 2020 MDRT Global Conference in Dubai became MDRT's first-ever Virtual Event.

We could not ask for a better design team! Not only do they deliver thoughtful and unique location-based designs for each of our meetings, but this year they helped us transition from an in-person to a virtual event in a matter of days. GD Squared took two utterly different meeting designs and combined them to create one cohesive look for our event. I can always count on this team to bring our ideas to the next level!Taylor Conrad, Marketing Coordinator, Million Dollar Round Table

Social Media Assets

Social Media Assets The result of the new look has reinvigorated these meetings. We are working closely with the marketing team to develop materials that continue to help brand this unique event.

Digital Resources

Digital Resources

So far, we have developed digital banners, PowerPoint templates, social media profile photo frames, print ads, and virtual backgrounds for webinar presentations. We are excited to keep building this brand to make their new virtual event memorable and show the flexibility, strength, and value of their organization.