MDRT Annual Meeting

Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) hosts its annual meeting every summer in a different North American city, and it invites its members to come together, celebrate their achievements, and learn new techniques that will grow their business. The 2018 Annual Meeting was located in sunny Los Angeles, California and the organization wanted to highlight the location’s beautiful weather as well as its rich history and numerous attractions. The design of the materials utilized a fun and vibrant color palette, stylized photography, and a flexible graphic element that made the series of touchpoints cohesive and engaging.

Program Book

Program Book

The almost 100-page book served as a guide for each attendee as they traveled from event to event. It was designed to clearly present the incredible amount of information while infusing it with the fun-spirited essence of the event theme.

Special Event Invitation

Special Event Invitation We designed a beach-themed pop-up card (with detachable surfboard) that invited a select group of members to an exclusive party.

We couldn’t be happier with GD Squared. They continuously deliver on creative designs that embody each location our meeting travels to while pulling in elements of the MDRT brand. Their team goes above and beyond from concept development to the campaign build out, always adding elements we would not think of that surprise and WOW us and our audience. Brittany Lange, MDRT Marketing and Communications Manager


Postcards A series of postcards were sent to members as a reminder to get out of their office and register for the event.