Lincoln Square Ravenswood

The Lincoln Square-Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce covers a lot of ground and includes four distinct neighborhood pockets. Their new brand included these areas while at the same time allowed each pocket to stand on its own. We positioned the neighborhood as clever, communal, and family-friendly in an appeal to its growing demographic of well-educated young singles and families.Designing with these goals in mind lead to an expansive brand that included everything from playfully witty ‘L’ ads to whimsically illustrative neighborhood signage.

Identity System

Identity System The staff’s business cards proudly displayed the logo and their contact information to match the same typographic style of the other materials.

Their creativity, understanding, and desire to truly be a partner in the process make working with GD Squared efficient, productive, and incredibly enjoyable.Melissa Flynn | Former Executive Director | Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce

Obelisk and Kiosk

Obelisk and Kiosk

Standing 15-feet tall, this three-sided obelisk is one of the key landmarks in the neighborhood. We created a modular system that allows the Chamber to periodically update the signage on the obelisk and nearby kiosk to promote new community events.


Directory A comprehensive directory helped advertise chamber businesses and highlight the four distinct shopping districts.

'L' Advertisements

'L' Advertisements

We wrote and designed a series of advertisements that highlighted the advantages of hopping off the Brown Line to explore the four unique areas within the neighborhood.


T-Shirt The design of this shirt highlighted the stretch of four Brown Line stops that make up the Lincoln Square neighborhood.

Event Invitation

Event Invitation A soiree was held at the end of the year to celebrate local businesses, present awards, and raise money for the coming year.